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Our First Level of advice is simple... understand how you compare to other medical transcriptionists seeking the same or similar job opportunities that you are.  Now is an excellent time to take our Marketability Analysis to see how your knowledge and experience stacks up to the competition.

Do you want to know how you compare?  There's no reason not to; it's easy and, best of all, free!  All you have to do is click on the "Marketability Analysis" button and you'll know what you may have to do to become more marketable in this very competitive industry.  Don't procrastinate!  Take charge of your life today and you'll be well on your way toward a prosperous and fulfilling career.  Finding your next step is only a click away.

Marketability Analysis  

Medical Transcription Training:  If additional experience or training is indicated, our second level of advice is to seek a well-recognized and reputable training company, especially one that has excellent technical and customer service support as well as an excellent Better Business Bureau rating.  We work closely with Future MT and recommend you look into their training if this is your next step.

Future MT offers medical transcription training and is a well recognized MT school.  They also give away a free book called, "Medical Transcription Quick Start Guide" as a great resource.  You can visit their website at:

A quality self-promotion campaign is our third level of advice.  MT employers usually search for talented candidates by working directly with recruiting companies like MT Recruiters.  Some will hire candidates that apply directly to them or they search for candidates through a subscription to a resume distribution service.  Employers use a mixture of the two, but they tend to prefer working with professional recruiters like us because we significantly speed up the hiring process for all parties concerned by reducing search time and human resource costs.

It's advantageous therefore to understand this business practice component and how it influences your job search efforts.  Posting your resume on MT Recruiters is very important, but another component worth exploring is actively promoting yourself to prospective employers by contacting them directly.  There is none better than our affiliate, Medical Transcription Careers, found at


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